Counting Criticisms


I fully endorse all statements above.


What I’ve realised, and I wish I’d had the foresight to plan it, is that putting the game on Kongregate after only 24 hours work achieved two things:

  1. It got the word out, meaning people are actually reading this blog (hi there!)
  2. It essentially acts as a 100,000 player playtest.

The second point in particular is insanely exciting. Looking back at the Kongregate page, I see a lot of data on players, and a lot of opportunities for players to let me know what they think. Obviously I didn’t have the time (or foresight) to do any kind of metrics recording or tracking in the game itself, but comments, favoriting and linking give me a lot of data to play with.

We geeks are a loud group who absolutely love putting our opinions out there. 360 odd players took the time to note down the strengths and weaknesses of my game. I’d be an idiot to ignore them. I just read every one of those comments (fun way to spend a Saturday night, eh?) and separated them out as best I could into a spreadsheet. Tommorow I’m going to put that information into a more readable format, an indulgent infographic perhaps, and post it up here.

This is an amazing opportunity to get feedback on the concept and execution before diving headfirst into the new version. Let’s see where I get with it 🙂

Oh, before I forget – the awesome Whitaker Blackall commented on the last post. He’s an awesome composer with some great tracks on his site. Check it out here!


2 Responses to “Counting Criticisms”

  1. Dr. Mike Reddy Says:

    Some would think putting a 24 hour game up, when polish, balance and tweaking haven’t happened, is brave. However, I’m not that cautious or worried by copy cats. You’ve staked your claim. Well done. I have had more fun with this little game than many; particularly the mental gymnastics prior to moving pieces and the rarity of non-undoable levels. One thing I’d like is the chance to jump to incomplete levels, as starting from the beginning each time is a bit of a chore.

    You’ve inspired me to push on and get my next game out, rather than dithering! Thanks.

  2. mikebithell Says:

    A level select / save game feature is a must (as the data I’ve collected massively backs up).

    Cheers for the kind words dude. Let me know when that game’s out 🙂

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