Talking about Thomas

A typically humble opening slide (Photo, Lance Winter)

The world changed yesterday.

Not really. But it did get a little bit more rectangular. I went to the IGDA Midlands meetup and did a little presentation about the game, why I think it took off in the way it did, and the ‘next steps’.

I also made a very ill advised joke about Terminator slash fiction.

I'm very possibly saying something very smart here (Photo, again, Lance Winter)

The presentation itself focused on the 6 key things I think got people playing Thomas Was Alone. I’m going to turn it into a mammoth blog post at some point, and it looks like I’ll be delivering the same stuff at a couple of other things too (watch this space :D)

I got to meet loads of awesome indie developers, either again or for the first time – and continued to fawn over Mode 7 and their stunning Frozen Synapse.

All in all, a great evening. Cheap JD and cokes too.


One Response to “Talking about Thomas”

  1. Ed Lago Says:

    Hey mike, congratulations for your great work, can´t wait to see what´s coming in the future for you and thomas was alone. Any possibilty to put your apresentation for us to check by internet? cheers from Brazil dude 🙂

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