Something on a Sunday #2: Thomas goes to Unity

It was a beautiful evening 6 years ago.

I had just finished my first year of Uni. I was studying for a game design degree, but had yet to actually make a game. I looked at my options, and decided to try and make flash games.

My first few efforts weren’t great, although one made it onto Joystiq. I was hooked, Flash allowed me to make a game with my limited programming knowledge, then unleash it online.

Since then, a Flash game got me my first job four years ago, and Thomas Was Alone got me enough word of mouth that I could attempt to reach a larger audience with this indie game. This week, I’ve been investigating ways to improve Thomas in Flash, incorporating physics to handle the more complex gameplay I want to achieve. And it was going so well, until I went to a Unity event on Friday.

It was this one, and I strongly suggest any Londoners who fancy getting into Unity attend the next meetup. Quickfingers was there showing Boom Bugs (and kindly handed me a helpful 2D mesh afterwards). I got talking to a couple of chaps from Unity, who suggested I give their platform a chance…

4 hours later, I seem to have a working character jumping around in a world. I’m converted. This software is amazingly easy to pick up. Don’t get me wrong, my current build sucks (the physics are all over the place and the controls are rubbish) but I find it incredible that a novice using Unity can get anything running this fast. Looking forward to continuing to learn, and to making Thomas Was Alone as awesome as I hope it’ll be 🙂


2 Responses to “Something on a Sunday #2: Thomas goes to Unity”

  1. devgbs Says:

    I’m new to Unity, but I can agree with you, it’s really great.

    Btw, how did you do that collision between the black frame and the player?

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