Something on a Sunday #4: Rain and better jumping

Just a quick post today.. it’s late 🙂

I spent a big chunk of the royalwedding break away from home, so haven’t been able to get a massive amount done. Ripped apart my optimistic but deeply crap code from last week, and rebuilt it all to work a lot smoother. The controls are significantly better, still a bit floaty, but there’s time to work on that.

Rewarded myself by having a play with the unity particle system and UV scrolling. Very cool, and got this neat rain effect working in a very short amount of time. UV scrolling as an approach for cheap rain owes a great debt to Quickfingers, while I totally ripped off the MGS2 shoulder splashes on the character and ground (youtube compression sort of messes that up though ;D)

Continuing to fall madly and deeply in love with Unity, such a great environment to make games in. Next week: I grow up and actually get some game logic / character switching in.


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