Something on a Sunday #7: Story lockdown

The game scripting continues to move forward, target rectangles are in and working, and I’ve begun work on the front end menu. I’m going to keep playing with this, should have something to show in the next couple of weeks.

Story, and specifically mood, is the focus for today. I’m a game designer, a game designer with a nerdy dedication to play, learning and level/puzzle design. This means I can occasionally forget to give story and aesthetic the attention they deserve. Fortunately, I have friends whose skills far outstrip my own. As I begin to turn to those people for advice on everything from colour, to effects, to music, I need to solidify the story and characters. With that in mind, I’ve created a final story treatment spec which can be referred to as I move forward.

Some readers may notice content from previous blog posts. I’ve tweaked and fixed elements to tidy up. This should be pretty close to the final implementation so, you know, spoilers!

in which the designer pretends to be a writer for a little while

Still working out how the music is going to happen. It’s going to be a pretty big job. In my head it’s minimalist, moody and with a little chiptune for flavour. Like Clint Mansell found an N64. That’s going to require a pretty fantastic composer.

A big ask.

I’ll find someone crazy enough to help me out 🙂 (if anyone out there wants to volunteer, get in touch on twitter @mikebithell).


4 Responses to “Something on a Sunday #7: Story lockdown”

  1. Prince Says:

    I like the story. Perhaps a sequel could be the AI’s exploration of the world it escapes into. Or interaction with the ones who made the AI, namely, you. Could an AI make an AI, like asexual reproduction? That’d be strange. :3

  2. mikebithell Says:

    hehe… nice stuff sir. Themes I’m definitely planning to bring in.

    It will come as no shock to absolutely no one that I’ve got the sequel’s plot, mechanics and characters bouncing around my head already. We’ll see…

  3. Prince Says:

    …Just had another idea, although it would ruin the minimalist style, so it’s not that good. Perhaps James could have an extendable claw with which to grab blocks under it? It would make an arcade-style game, sorta like helicopter. Actually, that’s a terrible idea. I’ll just post it to see what you want to do with the overall style of the game, when or if you reply.

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