Something on a Sunday #8: Menus

iTween is rather awesome, isn’t it?

Unity is impressive tech, but I’ve been infinitely more impressed with the community surrounding it. Any obscure question can be answered with a glance at their forums, any problem has most likely got a user created tutorial, example code and even tools designed to help it get sorted out even quicker. An amazing learning environment.

iTween is a great example of such a tool. Trying to work out how to move items, I wasn’t at all shocked to find a fantastic resource which makes the task a breeze. It seemed like a good excuse to get a pass of the main menu done. And here it is..

(no sound – I and others are working on that ;P)

I’m happy with the result, it’s created entirely at runtime, from inspector edited arrays containing the text strings and icons. This makes it massively scalable. The placement, size and even colours are also all variables, so this can be used to make a pretty broad range of menus.

It seems only fair to put this back into the community. I’ll be doing so after release.

Right.. now I need to get to the important and far less pretty task of cleaning up the script written so far. It’s become messy and I plan to spend the rest of the day cleaning up a little.


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