Something on a Sunday #10: The Return!

Oh, hello there.

I know, I know. Holidays, parties and a busy day job are the excuses this time. Here’s an extremely apologetic video showing some of the work I’ve been doing since my last update…

Credits – A fun little bit of polish. I think these are looking really sweet. Hopefully I’ll soon be able to add some names to this list šŸ™‚

Multi layer menus – This is nice, I needed a level select screen. I now have one. Howzat.

Pause Menu – Stepping in and altering the flow of time in Unity is shockingly easy. Must resist urge to add bullet time…

Player targets -These won’t come as a shock to players of the original flash game. They are in and nicely set up to automatically scale to their associated character’s size. Needs a bit of graphical flare though.

The next jobs involve saving and loading data… which is apparently a great deal simpler than I’d been assuming. Such a great editor…



2 Responses to “Something on a Sunday #10: The Return!”

  1. dani abram Says:

    Ooh man it’s looking so swish! šŸ˜€

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