Something on a Sunday #12: A Conscious World

Pretentious title, eh?

Well. This week’s developments have been all about aesthetics, specifically trying to create a cool aesthetic for the world, which maintains the sense of minimalism I’m going for. So. 3 features on display in this video


Finding the right solution for this was a challenge. Unity’s lighting and post processing (at least in the free version) isn’t right for my needs. It doesn’t provide the level of control necessary for a 2D world with so little going on texture wise. It also seemed to tend towards banding on flat planes to an extent which felt wrong. I also want absolute control over my colours, so going with in-game lights seems to add too many variables.

I’ve instead taken an approach of pngs describing different colour shapes which I can layer up to create the effect I want. Here, it’s a very blurry line to give the core, with translucent planes defining the god rays. It works, and keeps style simple. A few cloud particles make it a bit atmospheric, which is nice 😀

Self building geometry

Boo. Youtube seems to have really messed up the start of this video, hiding the fact that everything in the scene has self generated from pixels. You can still catch the end of it on the platform Thomas is running along. Basically, the game takes the wall mesh, it’s dimensions, then makes it invisible. Based on variables set in editor, it then assembles flat planes in order to fill the shape. At the end, it kills the planes and turns the mesh back on. A bit of animation into place completes an effect I’m really happy with. I have control over direction, speed and pixel size/ratio – meaning there’s a lot of cool applications for this.

‘Builder’ enemy

I wanted the world to learn from Thomas, generating its own AI to try and stop him. This particle-effect-on-an-itween-spline is a first attempt, which I really like. It feels mean and jagged, while also seeming more primitive than Thomas, like it’s trying to form a perfect shape, but is too mutated to achieve it. These will chase the player characters around, observe their progress and even pose hazards. They give the world personification at the point it becomes an active enemy to the player.


So, lots done! Here’s a decent sized image of the game as it looks now

From the day we arrive, on the planet, and blinking, step into the suuuuun....



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