Something on a Sunday #13: A music system

Lots of post-it notes used this week (more on that next time), but for now.. I’ve got a cool new music system in-game and working. No video this week, as the final tracks aren’t quite ready, and I feel absolutely no need to share my shody test loops with you.

Instead, I thought it might be useful to share the method I used. Interested to hear opinions, and happy to give pointers to anyone wanting to create a similar thing in Unity.

gosh. what a lovely row of rectangles

I had a simpler system in mind originally, just playing tracks one after the other. An unfortunate side effect of working with talented people; they are often inclined to tell you when your ideas suck.

The game’s composer asked for a more complex system, and did some beautiful examples showing me why it was in my best interest to suck it up and make something cool. The result is the system above, which is in and working beautifully. It’s amazing how a relatively low number of samples, when put together in a guided random fashion, can produce something very cool.


2 Responses to “Something on a Sunday #13: A music system”

  1. Andy Says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait to hear it in action!

  2. The Indie Dozen: Mike Bithell interview « lackingavalanch92 Says:

    […] according to Mike’s excellent development blog, he’s been adding a dynamic camera and a procedural music system to the game. So what else has been going […]

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