Something on a Sunday #14: A day early (or weeks late)…

It has been, a very busy month.

I’ve been working a lot at the dayjob game, Monstermind (which we just announced – and apparently Joystiq are rather fond of). It’s looking and playing great, but the next few weeks are likely to be busy, with plenty of tweaking and design fiddling to get through.

Thomas development has therefore become about little jobs done whenever the opportunity arises, I’ve been getting through tasks (should be code complete within the month) but keeping this blog updated became a lower priority than I’d have liked. Here’s a very jerky (sorry) poorly coloured (very sorry) little video showcasing some of what I’ve been working on…

Moving platforms – These can be automatic, or triggered by a switch (as shown here). Each platform has a path, time settings and delays. iTween was a big help here

Lighting on/off – Very useful for a scary lighting change I want to use at one point in the game.

Procedural music – As described in the last post. This is done using samples from my awesome collaborator, David Housden. We’re going to be showing off some of his work on the game later. For now, this is just a snippet of some ambience.

Animating item movement / scaling – Anything in the game can now be scaled or moved via switches or trigger boxes

Fake Parallax – The game is rendered via an orthographic camera, so parallax does not occur. It is instead faked, by moving background elements around to create the optical illusion of depth. Pretty textbook stuff.. I claim no originality here 😀

Moving text – In game text is now done via Unity’s 3D text. This allows it to animate and move like all other elements, and roots it in the world. This is essential for some of the cool typographical elements I’ll be adding to the game later.

Intro camera – The game now has a nice sleek start to every level, animated character spawns and camera pans. All rather pretty, and editable enough to be used in lots of different ways in various levels

Pickup – Done, but this may go the way of the wall jump, cute, but possibly unnecessary for the game.

So, lots done… I’ll continue to plod on. Need to make some proper levels and a trailer featuring David’s theme tune…


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