Something on a Sunday #15: Real Shadows

So… GameCity went well 🙂

I got a ton of great feedback, got some great press and some fantastically cruel Rock Paper Shotgun comments. Anyway, back to work 🙂

I managed to rush in some pretty good looking shadow generation for GameCity and the announcement trailer. There were a couple of big problems though, namely ugly transparent overlap and boring linear light. I wanted to fix both problems and make it look cool.

The end result is totally dynamic, with a custom light object that can be moved around the scene to get the perfect lighting setup. This can also move around during play using iTween if I want it, and casts nice shadows from the player. Like the old system, it builds planes at runtime. I needed to rebuild the system to allow shadows from a point rather than a direction.

I’m not claiming to have created anything a more seasoned Unity guy could make in half an hour, but it’s perfect for my needs 🙂


One Response to “Something on a Sunday #15: Real Shadows”

  1. Jim Says:

    This looks very cool! any updates?

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